Sunday, April 20, 2008

They Don't Miss a Thing!

Lola, Tug and Willy LIVE for food. I mean ANY type of food! We had a poker party at our house last night with people from Alan's work (the pictures I took of that didn't turn out--lame photographer), and the total and complete attention all three of the dogs would give a person with food was amazing. They are like stalkers with their ability to hone in on a person and watch for a crumb to fall. I'm sure our guests felt unnerved with five beady little eyes staring at them (Tug only has one). I shudder to think what they ate. I know some of it included salsa verde Doritos (spicy) to big chunks of salami (thanks Ginger!), fortunately for us they have had no barfing episodes and don't seem to be worse for the wear. Little scrounges!