Sunday, March 30, 2008

Go Mariners!

Friday night we went to Cashman Field and saw the Seattle Mariners kick the Chicago Cubs butts (10-2)! Those two teams have played each other the last four years at Cashman before the regular season starts. This is our 2nd year attending and we went with our Chicago Cub friends. There are a lot more Cubs fans attending the games than Mariners, but we managed to make our presence known! Here we are tailgating before the game. Grilled some dogs and enjoyed some beer!

Green Yard!

Who says the desert is all brown? All of a sudden it seemed like everything in our backyard has started blooming and growing!

We have 3 rose bushes. One red and two peach. You forget how good they smell until you have a fresh one that isn't a hothouse flower!
This is our lemon tree. We got a massive quantity of lemons off of that tree last fall!
The fig tree. It is actually pretty bare right now. The leaves are just starting to grow back in. The only one that eats the figs is our Chi, Lola. Seems to give her energy!
A prickly pear cactus. Evil plant! It grows like a weed and is sprouting new parts to it all the time. Apparently the fruit is really good but good luck getting it. You even look at this plant and you get the pokey things stuck in you!
The hubby, enjoying the backyard. We have the chairs positioned to stay out of the sun.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Jake, Lileigh, Jaxon, Rikki
A field of Easter Eggs!
Lileigh at the Easter hunt
Getting ready to go get the eggs
View of the strip from the bleachers

We went to a HUGE Easter egg hunt held at a high school near our house. There were THOUSANDS of eggs filled with candy out on the field. Everybody had to go up to the bleachers and the sponsors gave away prizes then the kids got to go down to the field and stand in an area according to their age unil they released the crowd! It was a mad frenzy of egg gathering. Jaxon and Lileigh ended up with a big bag each. Aunt Shelly helped test out the candy on the way home! :)

Lake Las Vegas

The Easter Bunny with Jaxon and Lileigh
Lileigh and Jake
Lileigh, Alan, Shelly, Jaxon and Chase standing in front of the Ritz Carlton
Sibling love
Lileigh and Rikki

We headed over to Lake Las Vegas in the morning. They had the Easter Bunny there, so we got some pictures and then walked around. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day and Jaxon kept saying, "it's summer here". Well, yeah, I guess it would seem so to a 4 year old that still has snow at his house!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tennis Time

Tennis is fun! I have been taking lessons every Wednesday night since last July and Alan started in September, did I mention they are outdoor lessons year-round? All those Wednesday's and we have only been rained out once! Not that it doesn't get cold (or hot for that matter). So, we try to get out and play occasionally on our own. Neither of us are that great but hey, it's exercise!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yes, I am finally. I will be working for a small construction company in Henderson that is three miles from my house! I start on the 17th and am thrilled. I will be working with my friend from my last job as her accounting assistant and general office help. It will be nice to be back to work. It will be seven weeks of unemployment on the 17th. I realize about myself that I need the structure of a job. I'm too lazy otherwise! :) Not to mention that I like the money!

Monday, March 10, 2008


I got a really cheap fare and decided to go to Seattle for a quick trip. If I didn't have a chance to see you I'm sorry! I wasn't able to visit with all of my friends and family as time was short and my motivation for driving around the State was low. I did this trip solo since Alan had to work (well, one of us has to). But remember you are always welcome at our house as long as you don't drag us down to the strip! :)

Besides visiting with my sister, Cheryl, the other reason for the trip was the birthday party! Katy and Melanie share the same birthday (March 7th) and niece Allison follows close behind (March 15). It was fun hanging out for an evening with some friends and family.

The Birthday Girls ~ Katy & Melanie

The Other Birthday Girl ~ Allison

Abdi & Katy

Best Friends ~ Shelly & Danielle

Granddaughter Laila & Allison

Sister Time

One of the main reasons I went to Seattle was to see my sister, Cheryl. As many of you know, our mother put her up for adoption before I was born. I knew I had a sister "out there", but didn't have any clue on how to contact her since my mom had died when I was young and the rest of the family wasn't sure how to find her. Lucky for us all, Cheryl found us instead last May. I met her for the first time in June and we have had a bond since. However, we had never had any alone time so it was a great excuse to go visit her. I spent time with her and her family, but one of the days we took a drive out to Vashon Island. We visited our mom and grandma's grave and just had fun hanging out together. I have attached a few pictures from our visit.

Cheryl at Mom's gravesite

A view of Mount Rainer

Burton Bay

Ferry Dock

Sancho the Chihuahua & Dakota the Min Pin