Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aching buttockular region and other unrelated topics

We have 'desert' landscaping. So, grass/weeds shouldn't grow up between the rocks if it was done correctly. Now I'm annoyed at myself for not taking a before picture because you can't fully appreciate how much freakin' grass was growing. Let me tell you it took me HOURS to weed it all out and now today I can barely walk. We are just renting this house, but I still believe in taking care of business, so I didn't want to look like the white trash renter who doesn't give a crap about their yard. Although after writing that last sentence I had to laugh because this is the backyard that only Alan and I see. The front yard is bad, but I have sprayed the crap out of it several times with assorted poison and it is starting to do the trick. I just didn't want to poison my dogs in the backyard so I had to weed by hand.
A few weeds left that I need to tackle next weekend when I can walk and bend.
The front yard is completely covered in this grass/weed stuff. C'mon Round Up do your magic!
When Willy was sick we bought a doggie door to put in the slider, so the dogs could go out as needed. As many of you know Tug is starting to go blind and after falling in the little pool twice I knew we had to do something to 'babyproof' it. This netting does the trick. Now I don't have to worry about my little dog drowning when I'm not home.
A gratuitous picture of Tug soaking up the sun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Our friend, Chuck has the ultimate bachelor pad, and likes to host parties. Here he is posing with his new "fridge" he recently acquired.
Another angle. He had to remove one of the tvs to make room for the fridge, but he put that tv in his "beer pong" room.
Chuck, Shelly, and Landon.
Notice behind my head all the tickets on the wall. Those are all the losers from the sports book from the past football season.
The occasion for this party was two birthdays. Landon turned 23 and Chuck's brother, Jimmy turned 42.
Here are the birthday boys.
I love this baby. He is the sweetest, happiest baby.
Alan and Landon
Jaime and Shelly
The beer pong table. This game grosses me out. I don't think it's very sanitary throwing a ping pong ball that lands everywhere and then when it lands in your beer you take it out and drink. Yuck!
Marty and Brian are the beer pong champs for the evening.
We always have a good time at Chuck's. He is a great cook and we have met a lot of fun people since moving to Las Vegas. Always a lot of laughs!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bark in the Park

I'm not sure what the deal is with the look on my face, but it's a cute picture of the dogs. It was the annual "Bark in the Park" and Alan, Tug, Lola, and I decided to check it out. There were so many cool dogs and different breeds. I was also surprised at how many Boston Terriers I saw. We walked around a couple of times and checked out booths, dogs, and people. I ended up carrying Tug most of the time since he can be so dog aggressive, and Alan ended up carrying Lola since she is so slow!
I think this was the funniest looking dog we saw (or possibly have ever seen). Seriously. This dog had a HUGE lab looking head and tail and the shortiest stumpiest legs like he is part Corgi or Bassett Hound. Definitely an ODD and humorous combination!
This bulldog was awesome. He had the most severe underbite I have ever seen.