Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Our friend, Chuck has the ultimate bachelor pad, and likes to host parties. Here he is posing with his new "fridge" he recently acquired.
Another angle. He had to remove one of the tvs to make room for the fridge, but he put that tv in his "beer pong" room.
Chuck, Shelly, and Landon.
Notice behind my head all the tickets on the wall. Those are all the losers from the sports book from the past football season.
The occasion for this party was two birthdays. Landon turned 23 and Chuck's brother, Jimmy turned 42.
Here are the birthday boys.
I love this baby. He is the sweetest, happiest baby.
Alan and Landon
Jaime and Shelly
The beer pong table. This game grosses me out. I don't think it's very sanitary throwing a ping pong ball that lands everywhere and then when it lands in your beer you take it out and drink. Yuck!
Marty and Brian are the beer pong champs for the evening.
We always have a good time at Chuck's. He is a great cook and we have met a lot of fun people since moving to Las Vegas. Always a lot of laughs!


ms. changes pants while driving said...

awwww!! pictures of you make me miss you!!!!

beer pong causes herpes.

Katy said...

AWESOME! Are we gonna party with Chuck again in April? I gotta get something cool from Seattle to bring for him.

Landon looks like he could be Dad's son - only shorter.

C said...

We missed out on the bachelor pad when I was there?! What the hell?? That guy sounds like a riot! :) I'm with Yolanda--I miss you too! Oh, and was Katy serious--did you start working at a strip club? LOL


M said...

Will you tell Chuck's brother that I think he is cute. And I am awesome!

Anonymous said...

shelly, my sister is single. next time we're out there, we need to get some mens together. since she's training for this marathon, we need to throw men at her.

Jeanne said...

Love Chuck's matching red glassware.