Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Recap...

We met some of Alan's co-workers Friday afternoon at the One Six Sky Lounge. It's located on the 16th floor of the Eastside Cannery in Las Vegas. Amazing views of the whole valley. Unfortunately, it was SUPER windy so we didn't stay outside for very long, but we still had a great view from our seats. The party progressed into the evening with everyone enjoying half price Martinis. The best part was the people watching after the sun started to go down. There are some different characters that come out and play at this night club and I now know what my Grandma meant when she said you should always dress age appropriate.
Sally giving me a smile.
Rainy, Casey, and Nena
Neal, our waitress Sarah, and Landon trying to act like he was bored. He got Sarah's phone number later.
The two of us mugging it up for the camera.
Alan and I left first about 10:00 and met up with Chuck for some dinner. Everybody else went to see a band play but knowing we were hosting the poker party on Saturday night there is no way I can stay up that late two nights in a row!
Alan and I haven't posted a poker party since we had some lovely lovely friends in town. Actually, only about 13-14 people showed up which is a smaller turnout than normal, but quite comfortable for our small house. Alan was the grill master and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and we all started playing poker about 8:30.
Landon got a ROYAL FLUSH!!! It's never happened at any poker games I have been too. I bet he wishes he was playing in the casino rather than at our $10 buy-in!
The happy boy and all of his chips. Needless to say he won the first game.
I was pretty happy though as I came in 3rd place and won back mine and Alan's buy-in.
I brought out the "party foul" hat as a joke but Crystal liked wearing it (and looked cute).
Sunday I made a goal for myself...don't get out of the pj's. It's been quite a while since we have had nothing going on Sunday and it will be quite a while until the next time. I decided to make a double batch of Monster cookies. These delicious cookies have peanut butter, oatmeal, peanut M&M's, chocolate chips and lots and lots of butter and sugar in them. I am bringing cookies to all of my co-workers tomorrow and I made up baggies of cookies for all of my favorites at Alan's job. Of course, to be fair he will also be bringing in two plates of cookies so everyone will be able to have one if they want.

Miss USA 2009

My boss asked me if I wanted free Miss USA tickets (he gets them as partial trade for renting the pageant a copy machine during the weeks leading up to the event). I politely turned them down and later mentioned something to Alan about the event. Holy cow, you would have thought I turned down a million bucks or something. He couldn't believe I said, NO to free tickets and the chance to see 51 gorgeous women in their bikinis. Okay, I admit I wasn't really thinking about it from a guy's point of view, so being the good wife I called my co-worker and he was able to get us tickets. I'm glad we went. The event was on a Sunday so we got all gussied up and met the rest of my co-workers at Planet Hollywood at 3:00 in the afternoon. We had awesome seats, I saw Donald Trump (and yes, that hair is just as hideous in person), and one of my favorite celebrity bloggers was a judge. If any of you follow your gossip the way Alan and I do you know all the controversy surrounding his question and Miss California's answer. There was much booing from the audience. As a side note, I apologize for the quality of the pictures. You weren't supposed to take pictures during the pageant even though everyone was, but we didn't want to use the flash.
Alan and I waiting to get to our seats.
My co-worker Mike and his beautiful wife and daughter.
The opening act.
The swimsuit competition with swimsuits designed by Jessica Simpson. Kevin Rudolf played his hit, "Let It Rock", and honestly it was all a bit cheesy, but that's probably the point?
Next up was the evening gown competition and the Veronicas played their hit, "Untouched". They were actually pretty good.
Narrowing down the field. The suspense was to much...not.
All the girls had a chance to come back on stage in their evening gown. Not just the top 10. We are getting closer to a winner.
And the winner is...Miss North Carolina which wasn't a surprise at all after Miss California's answer and the audience reaction. It was a fun way to spend a few hours!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Beer Hunt '09

Easter wouldn't be complete without a 'beer hunt'. Why should the kids get all the fun? So, we headed over to Chuck's house (also known as the Perpetual Party Animal, so nicknamed by Katy) for a day of food and fun. He had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids (yes, there are actually parents that let their kids come around Chuck's house). I helped dye the Easter eggs and had Tug coveting every single one of them. I took pity on Tug and let him eat one of the plain eggs, and boy was I sorry later (you will know what I mean if you know Tug at all). Phewwww.....
Chuck may be the ultimate bachelor but that boy knows how to cook. He set up his turkey fryer and in addition to ham, he fried 2 turkeys, made clam chowder, turkey stew, biscuits and gravy, creamed corn, and baked beans. I'm sure I'm missing something that he cooked. This was in addition to all the salads and assorted desserts that people brought over with them.
There's the Perpetual Party Animal being his social self.
It was a hot beautiful sunny day. We had to hide in the shade of the yard to keep cool.
About 3:30 they decided to get the beer hunt going. Everybody gathered outside with Easter baskets (thoughtfully provided by Chuck) and waited for the instructions.
Tug is trying to drink out of my cup again...what a shock.
We moved around the corner in the neighborhood while several people hid the beer. There were probably 50 or 60 people participating in the hunt with dozens and dozens of assorted beer cans, bottles, and kegs hidden, and it wasn't all cheap domestic crap either. Chuck really outdid himself.
For some reason Animal Control showed up. They got a complaint that somebody in the neighborhood was letting their "vicious" dog run loose. We think Animal Control was talking about Sammy who is a lover, not a fighter, and the sweetest lap dog around. I'm sure the Animal Control guy was freaked out when he showed up because we had JUST started the beer hunt and there were crazy people running all over the neighborhood with Easter baskets and they were filling them with beer. Dude didn't stick around long.
Alan with his baskets of goodies. I don't know if Landon or Eddie found any beer. Or maybe they already drank it?
Yep, that's me in front of a police car--I'm lucky the Henderson police didn't shoot--okay if you are a Henderson cop reading this just kidding. Anywayyyy...some jackass called the cops on Chuck's neighbors who live across the street. They were having a HUGE party of their own and had a DJ. Somebody complained about the music at 5:00 in the afternoon. Well, the police office showed up and went right into the house (after Chuck schmoozed with him--I thought it was his friend?) anyhoo, it was a perfect photo op for us so we took advantage.
Here is a pic of Kurt, Chris (who was in town for a visit), me and Tug.
The cute little fella' coming back to his car. Hard to believe that the police uniform store has a little boy's department, but the picture proves it. He locked the doors of his car when checking out the noisy party so I couldn't check for blocks on the pedals, but hey, they had to be there, look at the size of him. Chris towered above him. He was actually really cool and thought it was pretty much BS to have to come out at 5:00 in the afternoon. He also told Chuck he was trying to buy a house in the neighborhood (several cops live there which in Chuck's hood isn't necessarily a bad thing).
He gave the kids a "light show" on his way out of the neighborhood. Alan, Chris, Tug, and myself left shortly after since we are all responsible adults and had to work early the next day! Another party in the 'hood this weekend. We may or may not go...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baseball & Beer

Katy, Abdi, and Alex came into town to see the Seattle Mariner's play their last spring training game of 2009. They play every year at Cashman Field and Alan and I have gone ever since (well, 3 years). To say we had a good day was an understatement. Chuck and Landon also joined in the festivities.
Cashman Field on a BEAUTIFUL day!
Katy & Shelly in our matching Seattle Mariner's hats.
Alex, Katy & Shelly (notice the cups? those were filled with delicious margaritas)
Landon & Alan
Abdi & Chuck
Shelly & Landon
Alex & Katy
After the game the fun continued, and we headed to Chuck's house for the rest of the evening. Chuck lives in a friendly neighborhood, so pretty soon we had a house full.
Abdi is enjoying the sun since he sees so little in Seattle this time of year.
Alex (while he was still standing) and his dad.
Some of the gang.
Chuck makes a mean carne asada that is why Tug is standing at his feet waiting for him to drop some!
The cute couple
Chuck has a great view of the strip but I have a crappy camera so you will just have to take my word that it's in the distance!
Sammy is one of my favorite dogs and he also thinks he is a lap dog.
Landon playing tug of war with Tug. He is a strong dog.
Some of the gang hanging around the 'bonfire'
Katy & Chuck getting their drink on.
Landon & Lola
I put this picture in because not only is the fire out of control and unattended, but check out Katy's tongue.
And last, but not least, Alex...that's about all I will say about that. He just better remember who has pictures of the evening, and who has a birthday coming up in less than two weeks.