Sunday, April 26, 2009

Miss USA 2009

My boss asked me if I wanted free Miss USA tickets (he gets them as partial trade for renting the pageant a copy machine during the weeks leading up to the event). I politely turned them down and later mentioned something to Alan about the event. Holy cow, you would have thought I turned down a million bucks or something. He couldn't believe I said, NO to free tickets and the chance to see 51 gorgeous women in their bikinis. Okay, I admit I wasn't really thinking about it from a guy's point of view, so being the good wife I called my co-worker and he was able to get us tickets. I'm glad we went. The event was on a Sunday so we got all gussied up and met the rest of my co-workers at Planet Hollywood at 3:00 in the afternoon. We had awesome seats, I saw Donald Trump (and yes, that hair is just as hideous in person), and one of my favorite celebrity bloggers was a judge. If any of you follow your gossip the way Alan and I do you know all the controversy surrounding his question and Miss California's answer. There was much booing from the audience. As a side note, I apologize for the quality of the pictures. You weren't supposed to take pictures during the pageant even though everyone was, but we didn't want to use the flash.
Alan and I waiting to get to our seats.
My co-worker Mike and his beautiful wife and daughter.
The opening act.
The swimsuit competition with swimsuits designed by Jessica Simpson. Kevin Rudolf played his hit, "Let It Rock", and honestly it was all a bit cheesy, but that's probably the point?
Next up was the evening gown competition and the Veronicas played their hit, "Untouched". They were actually pretty good.
Narrowing down the field. The suspense was to much...not.
All the girls had a chance to come back on stage in their evening gown. Not just the top 10. We are getting closer to a winner.
And the winner is...Miss North Carolina which wasn't a surprise at all after Miss California's answer and the audience reaction. It was a fun way to spend a few hours!


Katy said...

Husband is so jealous that Dad got to see all those bikini bods! (Although he says Dad's Perez Hilton obsession is unhealthy and unnatural! ;-)