Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Henry

I babysat Henry a couple of times last week. He is such a happy baby and doesn't have separation anxiety yet--still is happy with other people besides Mom holding him!

 Tug was trying to get Henry to play ball with him. Tug also tries to lick his tonsils so I have to keep a close eye on them.
 I can see how mothers don't get a lot done with a baby in the house. He was sound asleep on my lap for quite a while.
Happy boy relaxing!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Experimental Hot Dog Night

We decided to have an "Experimental Hot Dog Night" at Chuck's house. Yes, it was as scary as it sounds. There were some interesting creations coming out of Chuck's kitchen. I have to say I wasn't real adventurous when it came to eating them, but it was fun taking the pictures!

 We have hot dogs wrapped with bacon and deep fried.
 A hot dog wrapped in a tortilla shell with condiments and deep fried -- Chimichanga style!
 Chuck was very proud of his mashed potato and gravy hot dog -- mashed potatos molded around a hot dog, deep fried, then topped with gravy, bacon, and chives.
 I tried my hand at making a corn dog. It wasn't very pretty but this one actually tasted pretty good!
 We have spam musubi and hot dog musubi. Not bad dipped in wasabi.

Brotherly Love

When Willy was still alive he and Tug were best buddies (and brothers). I know Tug really missed him after he died, so it makes me very happy to see Tug and Mack get along so well and hang out together.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Natural Prozac

Blue skies and sunshine. This is what I love the most about Las Vegas!

Girls Weekend!

I had so much fun visiting Martini Molly in September that I went back a couple of weekends ago for a girls weekend. We saw the movie "Lovely Bones" that afternoon and then met up with Molly's friend, Meadow for Thai food. After that we hit the bar and flirted with younger boys, and Molly showed off her cleavage.
We went out to breakfast the next day and Molly tried to arguing with me about paying. Here is my "shut the hell up" look. I had some cash and I wanted to spend it!
On Sunday Molly's friend came over to the house and we watched the Golden Globes together and drank martinis. That night we had pumpkin martinis and chai-tinis. I left on Monday and it was a good thing too because it started snowing and I had forgotten my silk long johns. Can't wait for our next visit...