Saturday, January 30, 2010

Experimental Hot Dog Night

We decided to have an "Experimental Hot Dog Night" at Chuck's house. Yes, it was as scary as it sounds. There were some interesting creations coming out of Chuck's kitchen. I have to say I wasn't real adventurous when it came to eating them, but it was fun taking the pictures!

 We have hot dogs wrapped with bacon and deep fried.
 A hot dog wrapped in a tortilla shell with condiments and deep fried -- Chimichanga style!
 Chuck was very proud of his mashed potato and gravy hot dog -- mashed potatos molded around a hot dog, deep fried, then topped with gravy, bacon, and chives.
 I tried my hand at making a corn dog. It wasn't very pretty but this one actually tasted pretty good!
 We have spam musubi and hot dog musubi. Not bad dipped in wasabi.


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Katy said...

Heart attack on a freaking stick - awesome!

Jeanne said...

Very interesting culinary delights