Monday, February 23, 2009

Death Valley

Alan and I have been talking about camping at Death Valley since we moved to Las Vegas over two years ago. We actually had reservations to camp last October, but it was still way to hot so we had to postpone the adventure. I got on the computer a couple of weeks ago to check out reservations and this last weekend was the only time available until the end of March and by the beginning of April it would be to late to camp until early winter. The first year we moved here we took a day trip to Death Valley in the beginning of April and it was 111 degrees!  Yikes.
We stayed at the Furnace Creek Campground, but there are quite a few campgrounds you can stay at. We were surprised we had trees and full shade--not that it would help in the heat of the summer, but the weather was a nice 60 degrees during the day.
This was our first camping trip without Willy and it was weird. We all missed him.
There are a couple of old Borax Works ruins. Borax was the big industry back in the late 1800's and we checked out the Harmony Borax Works.
The scenery at Death Valley is something that really needs to be appreciated in person. It's hard to convey the sheer size and beauty of the place.
Hanging out at the Devil's Cornfield
Death Valley is an impressive 282 feet below sea level at the lowest point.
Anybody that has ever gone camping with Tug knows what a little lush he is. He was trying to slurp up the last of the margarita.
I also found out he likes Red Bull. Like that dog needs ANY more energy!
All the driving around on Saturday made for two very tired puppies.
Another spectacular shot of the Valley.
We were hoping to go on a couple of small hikes, but dogs aren't allowed on any trails. Here is a shot of Mosaic Canyon. You have to travel almost 3 miles on a dirt road to reach the Canyon.
We packed up Sunday morning and hit the road. We decided to go check out Scotty's Castle. It was quite a bit out of the way but we had plenty of time and it was worth the drive.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The weekend is here...

After months of talking with my girls we all finally got to meet! Christy flew in from Ohio and sisters, Melissa and Yolanda, drove in from San Diego on Saturday. I had a poker party at my house that night, so before the festivities started we decided to go down to the local bar to start the weekend off right. We all hit it off right away!
Katy and Christy
Melissa and Yolanda
Melissa, Yolanda, and Shelly getting our drink on
So, we had the poker party at our house with friend's from Alan's company. It was a pretty packed house and a good time. The margaritas were flowing!
Margarita glasses for the girls!
Sunday night we had two rooms at the Paris hotel on the strip. Yolanda and Melissa decided work was more important than hanging out with us so they left late Sunday morning. We were sad, but made the most of it! We drank, we ate, we walked, we gambled. Katy helped both Christy and I at Blackjack and we both actually won a little money.
Katy let some random dude take our picture. We had a blast. Monday afternoon I was sad to take Katy and Christy to the airport, but we all have plans to meet again. Christy will be moving to New Hampshire beginning of March and I love it there. Most certainly see a trip in my future. Yo and Melissa are 5 short hours away in San Diego. Woo hooo! My girls are awesome (even if they are all short and younger than me), and I am happy to have made some new friends for life!

Friday Night Fun!

Katy's visit wouldn't be complete without a trip to Chuck's house. Katy came to town on Friday afternoon, but the rest of the girls didn't show up until Saturday.  So, we headed on over to his house Friday night to see what was going on and there was plenty.
As the evening progressed the helium tank came out. Katy was sucking it down and had to call her friend, Robin to demonstrate the amazing powers of helium.
Landon was there with his friend, Taylor. I think he was having a little to much fun with the ballon.
Hanging out
One of my favorite dogs...Sammy

Thursday, February 12, 2009



I got me some friends visiting this weekend, and we are gonna have ourselves a good time.  One of them is my stepdaughter, Katy, but three of the girls I have NEVER MET in person (hell, for all I know they could be men). They are my "bloggy" friends, Christy and Yolanda (and Yo, is bringing her sis, Melissa who I can't wait to meet either). You get a sense about a person reading their blogs and I sense that this weekend is going to be one good ol' time with lot's o' laughing! I'm not worried about what to talk about because I don't think there will be a SHORTAGE of things to talk about!
I will be posting more soon--check back!

Okay, so technically I live in Vegas, BUT I am getting the hell away from my responsibilities for a couple of days and I like it!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Willy was a goofball and great dog. He never met a person he didn't like and would try to greet you by licking your tonsils. However, a dog or cat was a completely different story and he would go crazy. Not good crazy either.  Alan and I had been embarrassed by him more than once out on walks. He would make this weird high-pitched screeching and go bonkers. Despite this he was a very loving, cuddly dog and not only did he love his people but he and his brother, and littermate, Tug were best buddies.
Rest in peace Willy. You will be missed.
12/10/01 - 2/5/09
Willy is on the left (he was twice Tug's size). They are about 8 months old in the above picture.
More puppy shots. They were both damn cute (Tug even has two eyes in this pic).
He got something good to eat.
Matching jackets I made for them Christmas 2002. They were just over a year old.
They both seriously hate cats. I loved this picture of Willy trying to get the cat on top of the fence. That dog had serious jumping skills.  It was no problem for him to jump in my arms and he even once jumped on the kitchen counter (got in big trouble for that one).
Summer of 2002. He had a blast playing in the sandy muddy water--not so much fun trying to clean him off with cold water from the tap (we were camping).
Camping in Stanwood with the crew from Seattle. He didn't like the creek very well and didn't go in here on his own!
More camping--he loved it!
Christmas card 2004--Lola, Willy, Tug (notice Lola and Tug's ears are down? They can't stand being near each other).
One of Willy's favorite pasttimes.  Humping other dogs.  Poor Samson, he didn't have a chance between Willy humping and Tug trying to bite him.
Camping at Valley of Fire State Park--that is a picture of a happy dog!
Willy loved his tennis balls.
Sweet Face
Willy loved cocking his head to the side like he knew what you were saying.
What you lookin' at?
Loved the wind in his face!
Mommy holding him at Valley of Fire.
Probably looking for a dog to hump.
The boys hanging out at Lake Mead
Christmas 2007

Final picture of Will-dog. We love you buddy.