Thursday, February 12, 2009



I got me some friends visiting this weekend, and we are gonna have ourselves a good time.  One of them is my stepdaughter, Katy, but three of the girls I have NEVER MET in person (hell, for all I know they could be men). They are my "bloggy" friends, Christy and Yolanda (and Yo, is bringing her sis, Melissa who I can't wait to meet either). You get a sense about a person reading their blogs and I sense that this weekend is going to be one good ol' time with lot's o' laughing! I'm not worried about what to talk about because I don't think there will be a SHORTAGE of things to talk about!
I will be posting more soon--check back!

Okay, so technically I live in Vegas, BUT I am getting the hell away from my responsibilities for a couple of days and I like it!


Katy said...

I'm drinking a glass or three of wine. Training you know, can't let my liver go un-trained for the marathon!

See you tomorrow!!!!

C said...

Totally psyched! I'm going to start drinking on the plane! :) Can't wait, can't wait! Dude, I'll see you TOMORROW!


STQ said...

Have a great time - I'm jealous! My girlfriend weekend isn't until April, and I can't wait!! Drink a martini for moi.

iVegasFamily said...

Hope you had a blast. Do as tourists do and let loose.