Thursday, February 19, 2009

The weekend is here...

After months of talking with my girls we all finally got to meet! Christy flew in from Ohio and sisters, Melissa and Yolanda, drove in from San Diego on Saturday. I had a poker party at my house that night, so before the festivities started we decided to go down to the local bar to start the weekend off right. We all hit it off right away!
Katy and Christy
Melissa and Yolanda
Melissa, Yolanda, and Shelly getting our drink on
So, we had the poker party at our house with friend's from Alan's company. It was a pretty packed house and a good time. The margaritas were flowing!
Margarita glasses for the girls!
Sunday night we had two rooms at the Paris hotel on the strip. Yolanda and Melissa decided work was more important than hanging out with us so they left late Sunday morning. We were sad, but made the most of it! We drank, we ate, we walked, we gambled. Katy helped both Christy and I at Blackjack and we both actually won a little money.
Katy let some random dude take our picture. We had a blast. Monday afternoon I was sad to take Katy and Christy to the airport, but we all have plans to meet again. Christy will be moving to New Hampshire beginning of March and I love it there. Most certainly see a trip in my future. Yo and Melissa are 5 short hours away in San Diego. Woo hooo! My girls are awesome (even if they are all short and younger than me), and I am happy to have made some new friends for life!


Katy said...

GOD that was fun! I cannot wait to go to New Hampster to visit Christy!

And we're not short, we're fun-sized!

ms. changes pants while driving said...

hahahaa... fun size.

it was so awesome meeting you. i'm so excited for camping. i should look into that. any time that works better for you?

man, christy went crazy with the margarita glass.

C said...

Right--fun sized! Hopefully when we get together again there will be a lot less of me so that the pictures (with me in them) of our adventures will not gross me out. Seriously...

So much fun! My neighbors thought I was completely nuts for going to meet up with people I met on the internet (they told me at Bunco.) What can I say? I'm wild and I like danger! :) Can't wait to see you guys again!


Shelly... said...

Okay, I will go with fun-sized, but what will you call me? Gigantic amazon woman?
Yo-let's talk about camping.
Christy-there needs to be a lot less of me next time too. Don't feel bad and the pics of you are good!

M said...

You look like you all had such a wonderful time! I am sorry I missed it, but you have to come up to Reno!

Mel said...

I'm slow ... but I'm commenting so that counts! I'm so glad that we met and that you didn't kill us and bury us in the middle of nowhere. And that we really like each other! AND I'M SO FRIGGIN STOKED YOU'RE COMING TO WATCH ME PASS OUT AFTER MY FREAKING MARATHON!!!

Whore ... : )