Saturday, February 7, 2009


Willy was a goofball and great dog. He never met a person he didn't like and would try to greet you by licking your tonsils. However, a dog or cat was a completely different story and he would go crazy. Not good crazy either.  Alan and I had been embarrassed by him more than once out on walks. He would make this weird high-pitched screeching and go bonkers. Despite this he was a very loving, cuddly dog and not only did he love his people but he and his brother, and littermate, Tug were best buddies.
Rest in peace Willy. You will be missed.
12/10/01 - 2/5/09
Willy is on the left (he was twice Tug's size). They are about 8 months old in the above picture.
More puppy shots. They were both damn cute (Tug even has two eyes in this pic).
He got something good to eat.
Matching jackets I made for them Christmas 2002. They were just over a year old.
They both seriously hate cats. I loved this picture of Willy trying to get the cat on top of the fence. That dog had serious jumping skills.  It was no problem for him to jump in my arms and he even once jumped on the kitchen counter (got in big trouble for that one).
Summer of 2002. He had a blast playing in the sandy muddy water--not so much fun trying to clean him off with cold water from the tap (we were camping).
Camping in Stanwood with the crew from Seattle. He didn't like the creek very well and didn't go in here on his own!
More camping--he loved it!
Christmas card 2004--Lola, Willy, Tug (notice Lola and Tug's ears are down? They can't stand being near each other).
One of Willy's favorite pasttimes.  Humping other dogs.  Poor Samson, he didn't have a chance between Willy humping and Tug trying to bite him.
Camping at Valley of Fire State Park--that is a picture of a happy dog!
Willy loved his tennis balls.
Sweet Face
Willy loved cocking his head to the side like he knew what you were saying.
What you lookin' at?
Loved the wind in his face!
Mommy holding him at Valley of Fire.
Probably looking for a dog to hump.
The boys hanging out at Lake Mead
Christmas 2007

Final picture of Will-dog. We love you buddy.


Jo said...

I am so sorry about your dog--I have one too and can't imagine.

I found you though Yolanda's blog who I found through my sister (she and Yo used to work together). I wish you luck on your interview Monday. I am trying to do freelance stuff and it is an intimidating environment--I am not good at interviews at all and my resume is very lacking after two years as a stay at home mom.

ms. changes pants while driving said...

i'm sorry about willy... i giggled out loud at the picture of willy and tug tag-teaming the big dog. one with pain, the other with luuuuuuuuuve.

my word verification is noinolog, as in, what the eff is a noinolog?

hi, jo!!

iVegasFamily said...

Good bye Willy!

C said...

I'm so sorry Shelly...that's sad & I feel for you. Those are some beautiful pictures. :)


Shelly... said...

Thanks guys for your nice words. It does make me feel better.
Jo, I have never met Yolanda but she is coming to Vegas this weekend to meet me and a couple of other gals. Gonna be fun meeting some of my bloggy friends! BTW, the interview went well today (probably because I know the owners)--maybe I will have something to post soon about new job adventures!

Katy said...

Great pics Shel, I love the head tilt he always did!!!

bernthis said...

The passing of a dog sucks. I had to put mine down and it was the worst day of my life, outside of the day I got married.

Nice to meet you.