Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tina Louise

One great thing about living in Las Vegas is almost everyone you know comes through the town at one point or another. Tina, and her friend, Julie came to party for the weekend and I met up with them at the Mandalay Bay yesterday. Tina, and I go way back--20+ years now. We used to work together at the grocery store and have been in contact on and off throughout the years. It was really cool seeing her again as it had been several years. She just turned 40 and is looking good. I first met her when she was 19 and I was 21...where does the time go??

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Dog, Bad Dog

I took three pictures of Tug tonight lazing on the couch and I asked Alan which one was cute. He said, "none". Okay, I realize that Tug may not be "cute" according to a lot of people's standards, in fact, I hope that when he gets older and uglier I can enter him in the "World's Ugliest Dog" contest and I truly believe he could be a contender (especially at the rate his teeth are disappearing). Anyway, he is beautiful to me and he wasn't whining for the moment so we were all happy! Willy on the other hand has been whining up a storm. I don't know what is going on. Tug has ALWAYS been the problem child and Willy has ALWAYS been so good, but now it's like their roles are reversed and Willy has become very verbal. We don't like it. It's almost like he has separation anxiety, and it started about two months ago when we moved into this new place. I wish Cesar Milan would come to my house.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Okay, I have not lost my keys since 1985! Yep, 1985. So, last Wednesday I was getting ready to go to lunch and I can't find my keys. I looked everywhere. I tore up every surface in our office. I was seriously losing my freakin' mind looking for the keys--the key ring that held my car keys, key fob, "The Club" lock, office key, office mailbox key, house key, house mailbox key (of which there was no spare). My lovely friend and co-worker, Tracy was kind enough to let me borrow her car for the mile and half drive home (seriously, people it was a 100+ you wouldn't expect me to WALK?) I had to get my spare key so I could bring my car home. This was right before the beginning of my 4 day weekend and let me tell you it was no way to start it. Needless, to say my keys have not turned up and I have spent countless hours obsessing and searching for the damn things.
Which brings me to the pictures. Yes, I work with a bunch of wise asses. They wanted to make sure that I wouldn't lose the new office key they had to have made (they changed the locks). So, I very gingerly used it to open the door this morning on my first day back since Wednesday. I was scared I was going to slice my finger off!
PS-There is a $10 reward for whoever finds them!

Nope, I won't lose this key!

Grand Canyon

We decided to go the tourist route and book a package ( We drove three hours to Williams, AZ and stayed the night in the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel. Included in the package was the room, three meals, and the train ride to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I felt it was money well spent and would do it again. The kids had never been on a train, so they were pretty excited. It was a little over a two hour train ride through some pretty scenic countryside. More scenic then we expected. We had some on-board entertainment and heading back to Williams we were "robbed" by the bad guys. Luckily, the sheriff saved us. Pretty nice way to spend a couple of days.

Katy and the twins before leaving the depot in Williams
The "Entertainment"
We made it to the Grand Canyon and had a stranger take our picture. She would never win any photography awards but at least our heads aren't cut off!
One thing I love about this picture of Laila is how the background looks so fake. Like the picture was taken against a cheesy backdrop, but nope that's the Grand Canyon in all of its glory!
Laila and "Grandma" Shelly make Katy nervous by being near the edge. It really wasn't very scary. But then again, I'm not that afraid of heights. I want to go back and do one of the little hikes next time. When I say little I'm talking about 6 miles not some crazy 20 mile hike!

Grand Canyon continued...

I didn't go in this lookout--pretty cool looking though!
Another awesome view. Can't wait to go back. Maybe I can get Alan to ride down the canyon with me on mules!

There were thousands of squirrels and chipmunks hanging around waiting for food. This one came right up to Laila and she stuck her finger out. It took a nibble thinking it was food but luckily didn't hurt her. The thought of rabies shots in the stomach wasn't very appealing.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cuteness Overload

Katy, the kids, and I went to the Mirage Hotel & Casino yesterday to the Seigfried & Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. The animals were all pretty cute, but in a way couldn't help feeling sorry for them. It seems like their cages could be a little bigger, but what do I know.

The Secret Garden recenty acquired four 11 week old cubs. They had the four of them in a big room with lots of toys and someone to play with them. Three of the cubs were asleep the whole time but the one pictured below wasn't a bit tired and she was a lot of fun to watch. You just wanted to cuddle but then you look at the paws and the teeth you have second thoughts!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Dogs are Soooo...amazing?

Make sure you watch until the very end. Fairly humorous.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


On the bright side, since Disneyland was canceled, I was able to go to the Luau that Vik put on for Regina's 40th birthday! It was an awesome party with lots of Fijian food, friends, and partyin'! Here is the birthday girl looking lovely as usual and since this party was all about her she gets the first picture!

Vik is pulling delicious things to eat out of the fire pit!
I should have put this picture before the other, but am to lazy to change it. Vik, Regina's dad (who now lives in Washington), and her cousin, Emile pulled off the layers of "stuff" for lack of a better word off of the fire pit. Amazing.
Laila and Katy. I think Laila enjoyed herself even though she is 13 (almost 14) and there were NO boys even CLOSE to her age let alone CUTE ones. But, I do believe she enjoyed hanging out with Grandma Shelly. Of course, it could have been the numerous Margaritas I was drinking that made me think I was cool!
Alan and Katy. What a great picture!

Luau Part 2!

There were so many good pictures that I didn't want to stop at five (damn blogspot)! The first picture is Vik and Regina's backyard. It is freakin' amazing. We live in the desert and you wouldn't know it when you go to their house. It's lush and tropical. Vik keeps a koi pond with a waterfall. He grows massive amounts of vegetables. We have been the lucky recipients of green onions, Swiss chard, tomatoes, and mint to name a few. He has bamboo growing everywhere that helps make the yard more private. He has his fire pit to cook food, a BBQ, and a smoker outside. I am impressed to no end because I can't even keep my plants in the back yard alive (although I suppose watering more than once or twice a week is pretty important)!

Quite a few kids were at the party, so Vik and Regina did a pinata. It was fun for all the kids (and some adults) to take turns wacking the thing. Here are the twins and their new friend, Avi patiently waiting.
Laila up to bat.
Shian taking a swipe!
Kian got a turn as well, and here he is with the remants on his head. Made a great hat! A lot of the candy in the pinata was chocolate, so with the heat it was all gooey! The kids had to put it in the fridge overnight before they were able to eat it (and trust me, I wasn't even tempted).

Dirty Boy

You have a VERY modest 12 year old boy and a cast to his groin. It's 100 + every day and he is sweaty. What's a mother to do? Well, about the only thing he will let her do is wash his hair. I don't even want to know about anything else.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Invasion of the family!

My stepdaughter, Katy and the grandkids are in town for a week of fun! We had a slight change of plans when Kian broke his leg the 3rd of July so our Disneyland portion of the trip was postponed. It hasn't been as much fun for him since he has a cast almost to his groin, but he has been a pretty good sport. We are just going to hang out all week and then next weekend go to the Grand Canyon. Here is a picture of Kian's twin, Shian. He is getting ready to go in our "pool". I love the heavy duty eyewear cuz you never know what you might see 4 feet below the surface!

Brotherly Love

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Playing Tourist

Most of you know that I'm not a big fan of going to the strip. However, our friends, Eddie and Ginger, have been telling us for a while how much fun Margaritaville is and really how could it not be fun? It has two of my favorite things--food and margaritas! We sat up on the rooftop bar and had a great view watching the madness on the strip. It was warm, but occasionally breezy with misters blowing on us. We ate coconut shrimp, drank margaritas, and enjoyed the evening with our friends. Life doesn't get much better!

Shelly & Alan
Alan with Caesar's Palace behind him
Ginger & Shelly
View of the strip

Saturday, July 5, 2008


These pictures aren't the best quality, but they were taken from our backyard which was cool because we didn't have to go anywhere, and we still got to see an awesome show courtesy of the local casino!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The BIG 4-0!

We met up with Regina, her husband Vik and their friend, Freddy. Reg turned the big 4-0 today and the girl doesn't look a day over 31! Don't they say 40 is now the new 20 or something like that?? Well, she looks damn good. I hope I look that fab when I'm her age (no comments from the peanut gallery please). We met up at the Yard House. It's a new place in Vegas, near the strip but not on it (big difference if you are a local). A little pretentious but it is Vegas after all. They have over a 160 beers on tap, however, I had a martini (okay 3 of them) and they were really girly foo-foo ones at that! Good tapas too!

Reg flashing gang signs
Freddy, Vik, and Alan
Vik & Regina