Monday, July 21, 2008

Grand Canyon

We decided to go the tourist route and book a package ( We drove three hours to Williams, AZ and stayed the night in the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel. Included in the package was the room, three meals, and the train ride to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I felt it was money well spent and would do it again. The kids had never been on a train, so they were pretty excited. It was a little over a two hour train ride through some pretty scenic countryside. More scenic then we expected. We had some on-board entertainment and heading back to Williams we were "robbed" by the bad guys. Luckily, the sheriff saved us. Pretty nice way to spend a couple of days.

Katy and the twins before leaving the depot in Williams
The "Entertainment"
We made it to the Grand Canyon and had a stranger take our picture. She would never win any photography awards but at least our heads aren't cut off!
One thing I love about this picture of Laila is how the background looks so fake. Like the picture was taken against a cheesy backdrop, but nope that's the Grand Canyon in all of its glory!
Laila and "Grandma" Shelly make Katy nervous by being near the edge. It really wasn't very scary. But then again, I'm not that afraid of heights. I want to go back and do one of the little hikes next time. When I say little I'm talking about 6 miles not some crazy 20 mile hike!