Tuesday, July 15, 2008


On the bright side, since Disneyland was canceled, I was able to go to the Luau that Vik put on for Regina's 40th birthday! It was an awesome party with lots of Fijian food, friends, and partyin'! Here is the birthday girl looking lovely as usual and since this party was all about her she gets the first picture!

Vik is pulling delicious things to eat out of the fire pit!
I should have put this picture before the other, but am to lazy to change it. Vik, Regina's dad (who now lives in Washington), and her cousin, Emile pulled off the layers of "stuff" for lack of a better word off of the fire pit. Amazing.
Laila and Katy. I think Laila enjoyed herself even though she is 13 (almost 14) and there were NO boys even CLOSE to her age let alone CUTE ones. But, I do believe she enjoyed hanging out with Grandma Shelly. Of course, it could have been the numerous Margaritas I was drinking that made me think I was cool!
Alan and Katy. What a great picture!


Jeanne said...

Katy and Laila are both gorgeous!!!
Gramps ain't too bad either.
The luau I bet was delisious.
See you next month.

C said...

That looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to throw an all-out Luau. Did you even have fruity drinks? I'm jealous!