Sunday, July 13, 2008

Invasion of the family!

My stepdaughter, Katy and the grandkids are in town for a week of fun! We had a slight change of plans when Kian broke his leg the 3rd of July so our Disneyland portion of the trip was postponed. It hasn't been as much fun for him since he has a cast almost to his groin, but he has been a pretty good sport. We are just going to hang out all week and then next weekend go to the Grand Canyon. Here is a picture of Kian's twin, Shian. He is getting ready to go in our "pool". I love the heavy duty eyewear cuz you never know what you might see 4 feet below the surface!


C said...

That's funny--my kids always have those face masks on too. I don't know what the deal is, I never wore them! Have fun!
~Christy C
Heavy on the Caffeine

Jeanne said...

I remember uncle Bill breaking both his arms 3 days before school started when I "dared" him to jump out of the cherry tree. He must of been 7 or so.
Maybe thats why he never answers my phone calls. lol
See you soon