Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cuteness Overload

Katy, the kids, and I went to the Mirage Hotel & Casino yesterday to the Seigfried & Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. The animals were all pretty cute, but in a way couldn't help feeling sorry for them. It seems like their cages could be a little bigger, but what do I know.

The Secret Garden recenty acquired four 11 week old cubs. They had the four of them in a big room with lots of toys and someone to play with them. Three of the cubs were asleep the whole time but the one pictured below wasn't a bit tired and she was a lot of fun to watch. You just wanted to cuddle but then you look at the paws and the teeth you have second thoughts!


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C said...

OMG--so adorable! I feel badly for them too. They shouldn't be there. Everyone likes beautiful animals to look at, but at what cost? Urgh.