Monday, July 21, 2008


Okay, I have not lost my keys since 1985! Yep, 1985. So, last Wednesday I was getting ready to go to lunch and I can't find my keys. I looked everywhere. I tore up every surface in our office. I was seriously losing my freakin' mind looking for the keys--the key ring that held my car keys, key fob, "The Club" lock, office key, office mailbox key, house key, house mailbox key (of which there was no spare). My lovely friend and co-worker, Tracy was kind enough to let me borrow her car for the mile and half drive home (seriously, people it was a 100+ you wouldn't expect me to WALK?) I had to get my spare key so I could bring my car home. This was right before the beginning of my 4 day weekend and let me tell you it was no way to start it. Needless, to say my keys have not turned up and I have spent countless hours obsessing and searching for the damn things.
Which brings me to the pictures. Yes, I work with a bunch of wise asses. They wanted to make sure that I wouldn't lose the new office key they had to have made (they changed the locks). So, I very gingerly used it to open the door this morning on my first day back since Wednesday. I was scared I was going to slice my finger off!
PS-There is a $10 reward for whoever finds them!

Nope, I won't lose this key!


C said...

OMG--that's a riot! I could use one of those b/c I lose my keys all the time! Luckily it's only for about 5 minutes before I dig them out of my purse, but I still panic & wig out at first!


Anonymous said...

I am always losing things and usually can't find my keys and hunt high and low for them and then they are in the most obvious of places. I hope yours turn up.

And thanks for your sweet comment - maybe one day I will charge more than $14 per hour, but until I get some clients I have to take what I can get!