Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Luau Part 2!

There were so many good pictures that I didn't want to stop at five (damn blogspot)! The first picture is Vik and Regina's backyard. It is freakin' amazing. We live in the desert and you wouldn't know it when you go to their house. It's lush and tropical. Vik keeps a koi pond with a waterfall. He grows massive amounts of vegetables. We have been the lucky recipients of green onions, Swiss chard, tomatoes, and mint to name a few. He has bamboo growing everywhere that helps make the yard more private. He has his fire pit to cook food, a BBQ, and a smoker outside. I am impressed to no end because I can't even keep my plants in the back yard alive (although I suppose watering more than once or twice a week is pretty important)!

Quite a few kids were at the party, so Vik and Regina did a pinata. It was fun for all the kids (and some adults) to take turns wacking the thing. Here are the twins and their new friend, Avi patiently waiting.
Laila up to bat.
Shian taking a swipe!
Kian got a turn as well, and here he is with the remants on his head. Made a great hat! A lot of the candy in the pinata was chocolate, so with the heat it was all gooey! The kids had to put it in the fridge overnight before they were able to eat it (and trust me, I wasn't even tempted).