Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Recap...

We met some of Alan's co-workers Friday afternoon at the One Six Sky Lounge. It's located on the 16th floor of the Eastside Cannery in Las Vegas. Amazing views of the whole valley. Unfortunately, it was SUPER windy so we didn't stay outside for very long, but we still had a great view from our seats. The party progressed into the evening with everyone enjoying half price Martinis. The best part was the people watching after the sun started to go down. There are some different characters that come out and play at this night club and I now know what my Grandma meant when she said you should always dress age appropriate.
Sally giving me a smile.
Rainy, Casey, and Nena
Neal, our waitress Sarah, and Landon trying to act like he was bored. He got Sarah's phone number later.
The two of us mugging it up for the camera.
Alan and I left first about 10:00 and met up with Chuck for some dinner. Everybody else went to see a band play but knowing we were hosting the poker party on Saturday night there is no way I can stay up that late two nights in a row!
Alan and I haven't posted a poker party since we had some lovely lovely friends in town. Actually, only about 13-14 people showed up which is a smaller turnout than normal, but quite comfortable for our small house. Alan was the grill master and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and we all started playing poker about 8:30.
Landon got a ROYAL FLUSH!!! It's never happened at any poker games I have been too. I bet he wishes he was playing in the casino rather than at our $10 buy-in!
The happy boy and all of his chips. Needless to say he won the first game.
I was pretty happy though as I came in 3rd place and won back mine and Alan's buy-in.
I brought out the "party foul" hat as a joke but Crystal liked wearing it (and looked cute).
Sunday I made a goal for myself...don't get out of the pj's. It's been quite a while since we have had nothing going on Sunday and it will be quite a while until the next time. I decided to make a double batch of Monster cookies. These delicious cookies have peanut butter, oatmeal, peanut M&M's, chocolate chips and lots and lots of butter and sugar in them. I am bringing cookies to all of my co-workers tomorrow and I made up baggies of cookies for all of my favorites at Alan's job. Of course, to be fair he will also be bringing in two plates of cookies so everyone will be able to have one if they want.


Katy said...

Ok, in order:

Hi Sally!

Landon, you are not fooling ANYONE!!!

A royal flush?!?! That just happens in the movies! Does that mean Landon is a movie star?

I want monster cookies too!!!

love you Shel!

ms. changes pants while driving said...

hahaha... classic bored game and then get the number on the sly. ahhh... games.

shelly!! i might have to cancel my trip to tucson so you can come to san diego and make those effing monster cookies. my mouth drool.