Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aching buttockular region and other unrelated topics

We have 'desert' landscaping. So, grass/weeds shouldn't grow up between the rocks if it was done correctly. Now I'm annoyed at myself for not taking a before picture because you can't fully appreciate how much freakin' grass was growing. Let me tell you it took me HOURS to weed it all out and now today I can barely walk. We are just renting this house, but I still believe in taking care of business, so I didn't want to look like the white trash renter who doesn't give a crap about their yard. Although after writing that last sentence I had to laugh because this is the backyard that only Alan and I see. The front yard is bad, but I have sprayed the crap out of it several times with assorted poison and it is starting to do the trick. I just didn't want to poison my dogs in the backyard so I had to weed by hand.
A few weeds left that I need to tackle next weekend when I can walk and bend.
The front yard is completely covered in this grass/weed stuff. C'mon Round Up do your magic!
When Willy was sick we bought a doggie door to put in the slider, so the dogs could go out as needed. As many of you know Tug is starting to go blind and after falling in the little pool twice I knew we had to do something to 'babyproof' it. This netting does the trick. Now I don't have to worry about my little dog drowning when I'm not home.
A gratuitous picture of Tug soaking up the sun.


Katy said...

Wow Shel, you kicked ass on that yard!

Now will you please send some sun down here because it SNOWING like crazy.

Can't wait to see you in less than 3 weeks!

ms. changes pants while driving said...

ah, tug. that's the life!

Jeanne said...

Looks good Shelly, what a job.Can short legged people like me step over the Tug fence?

iVegasFamily said...

I pulled weeds from our desert landscaping on was no fun.

Jason, as himself said...

Hi Shelly. I've noticed you peering up at me in your bathing suit for quite a while now...I'm glad we finally decided to meet.

I have a question for you. What are you drinking in your profile picture? I always wonder that.

And I actually really like the zeroscaping in Vegas. Your backyard looks great.

Shelly... said...

Jason, I'm glad we finally met as well. I am drinking a margarita in my profile pic. I love them so.
I will stalk your blog now on a regular basis. Katy has some funny friends.