Monday, March 10, 2008


I got a really cheap fare and decided to go to Seattle for a quick trip. If I didn't have a chance to see you I'm sorry! I wasn't able to visit with all of my friends and family as time was short and my motivation for driving around the State was low. I did this trip solo since Alan had to work (well, one of us has to). But remember you are always welcome at our house as long as you don't drag us down to the strip! :)

Besides visiting with my sister, Cheryl, the other reason for the trip was the birthday party! Katy and Melanie share the same birthday (March 7th) and niece Allison follows close behind (March 15). It was fun hanging out for an evening with some friends and family.

The Birthday Girls ~ Katy & Melanie

The Other Birthday Girl ~ Allison

Abdi & Katy

Best Friends ~ Shelly & Danielle

Granddaughter Laila & Allison