Sunday, March 30, 2008

Green Yard!

Who says the desert is all brown? All of a sudden it seemed like everything in our backyard has started blooming and growing!

We have 3 rose bushes. One red and two peach. You forget how good they smell until you have a fresh one that isn't a hothouse flower!
This is our lemon tree. We got a massive quantity of lemons off of that tree last fall!
The fig tree. It is actually pretty bare right now. The leaves are just starting to grow back in. The only one that eats the figs is our Chi, Lola. Seems to give her energy!
A prickly pear cactus. Evil plant! It grows like a weed and is sprouting new parts to it all the time. Apparently the fruit is really good but good luck getting it. You even look at this plant and you get the pokey things stuck in you!
The hubby, enjoying the backyard. We have the chairs positioned to stay out of the sun.