Sunday, June 8, 2008

Long Weekend

Alan and I headed out to Salt Lake City Thursday morning. Al's company had a golf tournament that he was playing in but they needed someone to drive the company vehicle with all the golf clubs, so Alan got the job. Since the company was paying for gas and two nights hotels I decided to tag along. I was happy to do it since I got to see my family. Thursday night we went to a party put on by the company and Friday Alan played and froze his butt off. Seriously, it was cold. Like 45-55 degrees cold and all the wusses from Las Vegas weren't happy about it! In the meantime, while he was playing, Rikki, Jaxon, and Lileigh picked me up and we went to the Children's Museum at the Gateway Mall. It's always fun seeing the kids and it's amazing how much they grow in just a few short months. We just saw them at Easter but they both look bigger and Lileigh's hair is longer. Later, we met up with Alan and Jake and went out to dinner. The next morning Alan and I hightailed it out of Salt Lake to head back to the warmth we are used to. We got home and hung out by the "poverty pool" for the rest of the afternoon enjoying the 90+ degrees. I have a feeling we will be doing a lot of that this summer. One word for us...LAZY!!


Katy said...

God the kids are cute, and getting so big!!!

(I keep avoiding my homework, go figure!)