Saturday, February 2, 2008

I am now a BLOGGER

Okay, scaring myself here with this whole blog thing. What a commitment. However, I'm feeling a bit to old for the MySpace page, and I want a way to feel like I'm keeping in contact and am connected with my family and friends. I'm not much of a writer (I leave that up to Alan), I just thought it would be fun to post "stuff" now that I live so far away from my family and lot's of my friends (but am making new friends in this town--here's a shout out to ya all)!

I can't believe we have now lived in Vegas for just over 14 months and Alan and I both still like it as much, if not more, than when we moved here. Of course, things aren't perfect....I'm currently looking for another job after being layed off (yes, I am looking for my THIRD job in 14 months), my dogs are still crazy, I'm out of shape, and our vacuum cleaner is broken. BUT on the plus side the sun shines pretty much year round, I have been taking tennis lessons, and we have many, many fabulous restaurants to go to! Life doesn't get much better!

Hope you enjoy my attempts at blogging and I would love any comments, feedback, ideas, or a link to your blog (hint, hint)!


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool Shelly. I like the photo. Dave

auntie said...

Ok I send respond to your blogs and I can read my comments. auntie=Jeanne