Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter Daze.

I love winter in the desert!
Not to mention it's probably pretty obvious that I am still unemployed. Who has time to take pictures of their backyard during the day? Only the unemployed. Oh well. Keeps me off the streets (or the strip, not that I'm tempted, but doesn't keep me away from SHOPPING)!
Our plum tree that we didn't get a single plum off of last year because of the greedy birds. Maybe I need to dig out Alan's BB gun?

Life of be a dog!


Katy said...

When I get certified I'm going to look for a teaching job in Las Vegas.

We've had nice sunny weather for a longer than normal stretch but certainly not 80 degrees. ;-)


Jeanne said...

What a life, I mean for the dogs.
I know you work hard.
I'm with Katie ( I agree a lot with her, smart women)a job where it is above 70 for at least 8 months out of the year.

Want to investigate the turquoise mine this month?

chenanagan said...
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chenanagan said...

Yeah, rub it in about the warm sunny weather you have there!