Sunday, October 5, 2008

Las Vegas Wash

So we headed over to our friend, Chuck's house, on Sunday with Chris to watch football. We got to talking later on in the afternoon and Chuck told us about the Las Vegas Wash near his house. We headed out there to check it out and it was pretty amazing. Now water in Seattle wouldn't have been a big deal but out here in the desert is another story. The runoff of water eventually makes its way to Lake Mead. Actually, the water was pretty nasty looking. Chuck said he fishes but just does catch and release. I can't imagine what type of mutant fish are growing out here!

We had to bring beer...we were on dirt roads.
You can see the strip in the distance.


Jeanne said...

My friend Donna from Vegas goes on digs with the U of N out there.

Katy said...

I'm putting that on the list of places to go the next time we visit!