Thursday, October 30, 2008

A whole lot of nothing.

Well, Alan and I were going to go camping at Death Valley this weekend.  We have been talking about camping there since we moved to Las Vegas two years ago.  We thought for sure the weather would be cool enough but NO it's still in the low 90's.  Camping when the weather is above 85 is not fun.  You don't have any energy and all the alcohol you consume is just wasted because you sweat it out right away.  So, instead we are sitting home Friday night, dressed up in costumes and answering the door for all the little darlings that are showing up for free candy...NOT!  Anybody that knows us wouldn't have believed that.  What we are doing for real is going to a hockey game at the Orleans Arena.  We got free tickets and are going with some peeps from Alan's work.  Should be fun as we are sitting in a special section for special people (some company's boxed seats).  I just hope there are some good bloody fights and cheap beer!  No other major plans for the weekend.  Probably a whole lot of nothing.  Maybe I will take some pictures of the dogs and post those.  We can never have to many postings of my dogs!


Katy said...

A special section for special people? Do you get to ride the short bus to get there? (badump-ump)

Hockey mean a fight where a hockey game breaks out. Where the hell is there any ice in Vegas????

C said...

Ice in Vegas? I was wondering the same thing!

Shelly... said...

Very funny you two! Yes, there is an ice rink here in Vegas. We even have a professional hockey team. It's at the Orleans Arena which is attached to the Orleans Casino off the strip. When you two come for a visit maybe I will take you there!

iVegasFamily said...

Have fun. I'll be trick or treating with the kid. At least my neighbor will be handing out Jello shots to the adults.