Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Hockey

Our buddy, Joe works for a company that has this awesome boxed area right behind the goalie. We saw the Las Vegas Wranglers kick the Stockton Thunders ass (5-1) at the Orleans Arena. I have never been to a hockey game before where I was front and center for action. It was a little intimidating during their practice when the pucks would come and slam into the plexiglass right at your face. However, as the game progressed and the free drinks were flowing we all got more rowdy and would slam the glass and yell things at the opposing team. One of the highlights of the game was seeing some guy's face squished against the glass 12 inches from us with the other players hockey stick around his neck. Nothing like a little violence for your Halloween night! This first shot is before the game started. We made it to our seats and started the parytin' right away (okay, we had started the partying before we got to our seats and continued long after the hockey game).
The game starts.
View of our little room.
Glenn, Wendy and Shelly
Alan and our host, Joe
Vicky and Karen
Glenn and Wendy
A hockey game wouldn't be complete without a fight. I guess the rule is the fight can go on until one of them falls to the ground and these guys were duking it out! Didn't see much blood though!
One more action shot. Notice all the scuff marks on the plexiglass, and the red marks weren't lipstick! It's pretty trashed. What was cool about the Wranglers winning 5-1 is every game they get 5 goals the crowd gets a coupon for a free Del Taco. I love me some Del Taco!!


Katy said...

I am a firm believer that with the best seats in the house, anyone can be a sports fan!

Looks like fun!

C said...

I agree with Katy. We got to go to a hockey game a few months ago in a box like that and there was food, beer, wine, and awesome seats, and by the time we left I was trying to convince Steve that we needed to buy one of those!


Jeanne said...

First Blood!!!! Any fish thrown???
Hockey is fun and entertaining for the whole family. Like dinner time when I was growing up lol.