Sunday, November 16, 2008


It has been a while since Alan and I have hosted a poker party.  We moved into our house in June and didn't think it would be big enough but hey, we got 13 people in there and it wasn't too bad.  Several of Alan's co-workers get together on a semi-regular basis to play Texas Hold-Em.  I never played poker before I moved to sin city and it's pretty fun although I still have no clue what I'm doing (although for having no clue I did come in 3rd place out of 13 for the first game and won mine and Alan's money back). This first picture is of Alan and his boss, Neal.  Neal is a smart-ass and a lot of fun to mess with.
Everybody brings food of their choice and I made an awesome pork chili verde (thanks Tracy for the recipe).  We ate before we started the games.
Landon, Jim, and Vicky. 
Nena is Neal's wife and a saint for putting up with him for 20+ years.
One poker party table--we had Joe, Neal, Sally, Eva, Angie and Vicky at one table for the first game.
Shelly and Peter at the second table.  We were just getting ready to kick some butt!
The second table was Shelly, Peter, Nena, Martin, Alan and Landon.
Couldn't do a post without at least one picture of the dogs.  Tug was no doubt focused on the food in my hand.  I have three major class scrounges.
We also did the pay-per-view on the UFC fight between Couture and Lesner.  Talk about testerstrone. It was interesting and I'm sure the boys enjoyed it but whatever. 


Katy said...

Your hair is getting long, I like it!

Sounds like testosterone city but a good time! Glad all went well.

ngtvegas said...

Smart Ass!? Well looks like Alan will need to work some saturdays in the near future! I agree Nena is a saint, but not only because she puts up with me! By the way we always let the host win third, so don't think you're special!
Good party!

C said...

Awww fun! I have no idea how to play poker, but it doesn't matter--I'll play cards or whatever to have friends over & hang out!