Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back from Seattle

I went back to Seattle last weekend for my Grandma Lorraine's memorial service. Grandma died in November, but the family decided to wait until after the holidays to hold the service. I last saw her at my brother's wedding in August. I realized when I went to post a picture of her I didn't have any on my computer. I stole this one from my sis-in-law's Facebook page. I am trying to get my brother to send me the really good one of her.

Grandma was a avid quilter/seamstress and had explicit instructions for the way her service was to be carried out.  She wanted it to be more like a celebration. There were many samples of her quilting work, the fun crazy dolls she used to make, lots of articles on her grocery store she ran in the 60's and 70's (one of the first women to run a grocery story by herself) and tons of people there.  I think she had 14 grandchildren (I saw so many of my cousins I hadn't seen in YEARS), and about 19 great-grandchildren.

I arrived in town on a Friday morning.  I tell you flying out first thing has its advantages.  There was a total of 20 passengers on the plane, so I was able to have a whole row to myself. My aunt Becky picked me up and we hung out with her and my uncle Dale.  Always a good time with them and my aunt Kathy came over for dinner.  The next day they took me to meet up with Katy. We had plans for a night out with friends, and had previously decided on Billy McHales, it turned out to be a very fun, very loud evening. 

BFF - Shelly & Danielle
More BFF's - Robin & Katy
Erin, Sandra, Dianne
Stepdaughter and Stepmonster drinking together--shocker!
Levitta, Dave and a really yummy margarita
Shelly & Robin sitting in the bar after dinner.
I saw several friends that night that I haven't seen in years.  I wish I would have had more time to visit, but it was already so cold in Seattle that I didn't want to extend my stay even though I am now jobless.  Speaking of cold, imagine our surprise when we walked out of the restaurant and it was freakin' snowing!!  I do believe several cuss words were uttered by several members of our party.  Of course, where Katy lives always seems to get way more snow than anywhere else, so the next morning I had to snap some photos for proof!

I sure as hell wasn't sorry to leave that winter wonderland, and Katy was kind enough to drive me to my brother's house in Seattle where they had NO snow. My mom, sister, brother, and sister-in-law had plans to go out to brunch before we headed over to my grandma's service.  We decided to splurge and go to Saltys on Alki. If you have never been there you need to go. It was expensive but well worth it. It's all you can eat and while they have all the traditional breakfast items they also have a huge variety of seafood. Some of you know how much I LOVE crab and don't eat it here in Vegas. I didn't waste any time on crap like bacon (sorry Aimee), but went straight for the crab legs, clams and shrimp.  My mouth just waters looking at the picture of my plate (I think I had 3 plates of crab).
We got a great table and had this view of downtown Seattle
My mother
My sister
My sis-in-law posing for the picture (no really, she was)
My brother showing off his plate of crab goodness. I think he likes crab as much as I do. He didn't waste his time on much else.
And finally (I know you are saying, "thank god", that is if are still reading), no blog posting would be complete without a picture or two of DOGS! Here is Gordo and Jelly Bean. They are James and Aimee's dogs and I wish they lived closer so I could babysit (notice how I said THEY can live closer to me not the other way around--yeah there is a reason for that and it's called SNOW, GRAY, RAIN and GLOOM)!!


Katy said...

God I'm drooling looking at all that yummy crab.

Jellybean is the cutest thing ever and Gordo is such a sweetie. I'll babysit them anytime!

ms. changes pants while driving said...

i'm totally kidnapping myself to katy's house. i love seattle.

iVegasFamily said...

Looks like it was a great trip. Other than the snow, of course. It is sad about your Grandma. But like you said, it was a celebration of her life.

C said...

That was really your mother? Are you pulling our legs? You've got one nice looking family. :)


Shelly... said...

Christy--yeah we have great genes in our family! No, it's my stepmom but she has been part of my life since I was 7 and her 3 kids and I all share the same dad. I think she is 12 years older than me?