Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Betty Freakin' Homemaker

Yep, that's me while I am unemployed. Out of sheer boredom I created a dinner menu* for the rest of the week...

Baked salmon (Costco sells WILD salmon in their freezer section--we won't eat any of that crap farm raised stuff and yes, I am being snobby about it).

Cranberry apple pork loin roast (crockpot baby!)
Salad or veggies

Going out to dinner (what? You didn't really think I would cook ALL week)!
There is an Italian restaurant that my friend Tracy keeps telling me is good and we have some friends coming into town next month, so we must preview it.

Swiss Steak served over egg noodles and actually Alan is going to make that--it's very yummy!
Salad or veggies

*subject to change depending on the mood of the cook.
Hmmmm....what will I come up with next week.


ms. changes pants while driving said...

friends in town... is that us? i likes italian. i likes mozarella. mozarella doesn't like me.

me said...

I would like to employ you as my very own Betty Crocker, except that you will have to work for free, but I am sure you won't mind! I would like to come home to a martini and dinner waiting for me and Ned on the table please!

On my way back from England (oh, and the way there) we flew in to Vegas and I thought of you. Totally not in a creepy way though!

Katy said...

Ok, my head just exploded at the very thought of you as Betty Crocker. Now I have to clean up the mess.

Italian, yum!

C said...

Yum! Send me that crockpot recipe!

Shelly... said...

Yo, you will be friends in town but we will have other friends in town we are taking there. :)
Christy, the recipe was a disapointment so I didn't save it! I have an awesome crock pot recipe for Pork Chile Verde and I think I will make it for the poker party the day you guys come into town. That one rocks! Especially with margaritas!!

C said...

Good--I need some decent crockpot recipes. And if you're not working, why aren't you blogging constantly?! I'm on the edge of my seat over here!


me said...

Um I see that you have got out of your home maker mode and apparently blogging mode!