Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good times in the ghetto!

Alan and I went over to Chuck's house early Saturday evening to help build the ghetto deck that's right next to the ghetto pool.  We have a pretty awesome view of the strip from the deck now that we can see over his fence. Obviously the deck still needs a few finishing touches, like sanding, so you don't get slivers in your arse. Stadium seating on the lower level. All the better to watch the UFC fight.
Sammy jumped into the ghetto pool to be with Chuck. He is standing on a chair in this picture. Good times!


Nannette, Steve and the creatures said...

what what you call a ghetto pool ... I love my blow up pool summers ... :)

Christy said...

Trust me, there are no pools in the ghetto...what they used to do when it was hot in the summer is turn on the fire hydrants on the street and have a "street shower." Just thought I'd share that--now you can be complete! Lol

Zakary said...

This is the total hotness. Beer, a pool and a TV.