Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not quite the Sunday blues

The weekend is almost over! Why does it have to go by so quickly? Friday night Alan and I are usually pretty beat from a busy week at work, but we decided to head to Sierra Gold, our local bar, for 1/2 price happy hour drinks. Well, as it turns out the waitress is our next door neighbor, so we had a good time gabbing with her and asking all the important questions like why have the school truant officers been at their house so much lately? After I drank about 4 margaritas (Alan only had 2 beers and was responsible), we decided to give Chuck a call. We headed over to Carmine's restaurant and spent the rest of the night there. Holy cow, there was a girl(?), well woman, okay old hag that WOULD NOT leave Chuck alone (I have photographic evidence but am not posting it here, if you want to see a pic or two email me). Of course, I DID ALL THAT I COULD to encourage her to harass him (mainly sexual). Apparently at the end of the evening (we left about 1:00 am) he finally gave her $60 to get a cab and get the hell out of there. I was just wondering though if Chuck will have to find a new hang-out? :)
Needless to say, I wasn't feeling my *best* on Saturday morning so we just layed low at home and wasted the whole day on the Internet. Saturday night we decided to go out to dinner again because god forbid one of us would cook, I called up Landon and we all headed to a local Mexican restaurant. It ended up being a fairly early evening even though he wanted us to go play poker. So, here we are on Sunday. I did get bills paid, signed up for twitter (follow me, I will follow you), and got a pedi. Landon came over again and we grilled steaks. All in all it was a great weekend and I'm looking forward to the next one!


STQ said...

Sounds like a better weekend than mine - we unpacked all weekend!! But, our house looks sooooo much better so it was worth it.

Yo is Me said...

i miss you!! send the pictures. geez. you even have to ask?

my verification word is marfe.

like... shelly, did you marfe this weekend while you were hungover? i totally marfed on the plane.

Christy said...

Doesn't it suck how we don't so easily recover anymore? And to think I wasted all my younger years not drinking!

Glad you're on Twitter! :)

Katy said...

I'm beginning to get jealous of Landon. Is he your favorite child? ;-)

That would totally make me marfe!

Shelly... said...

STQ, I can't wait to see your house for our book club. I forgot I have family in town but I'm not canceling my book club!!
NO, Yo, I didn't marfe or even have the spins. I *know* when to stop! :)
Jeez, Christy, I can't believe you didn't drink when you were younger! That's ALL I did--oh wait...
Katy, Landon is turning into the favorite child since we see him more often--hint hint!