Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Henry

I babysat Henry a couple of times last week. He is such a happy baby and doesn't have separation anxiety yet--still is happy with other people besides Mom holding him!

 Tug was trying to get Henry to play ball with him. Tug also tries to lick his tonsils so I have to keep a close eye on them.
 I can see how mothers don't get a lot done with a baby in the house. He was sound asleep on my lap for quite a while.
Happy boy relaxing!


Katy said...


Will I get to meet him in March?

Yo is Me said...

i just ovulated.

Jeanne said...

Henry is so cute and Tug wanting to play ,well "Tug". Auntie Shelly is the best

Sally said...

Seriously Shelly, do you think you could post something again sometime soon?!!!

Katy said...

GUILT TRIP! I gave you an award. Go read it and post. How about seven pictures of the new house! xoxo