Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hand-Off in Barstow

Never heard of Barstow? Well, there really is no reason to have heard of it or to ever go there again for that matter. BUT it was a convenient and about half way point between Las Vegas and Yorba Linda, CA to drop off two little dogs that needed to go home. It can't be that small of a town because we did meet at Starbucks. On Main Street. And you can see the Golden Arches in the background of the picture. Anyway, Sancho and Dakota were happy to go home to their "people" and Tug, Willy, and Lola were happy to get their house (and toys) back. Most importantly, I will be happy not to hear five dogs whining at 5:30 in the morning. My sister, Cheryl and family are settled into their new place and I see lots of trips to California in our future. We still have a lot of catching up to do! Plus I have a Park Hopper Pass for Disneyland that I need to use before January.

I didn't get our mother's small genes. Good thing I love Cheryl otherwise, I might have to hate her skinny self!


Katy said...

What?!?! You don't LOVE to wake up to five whining poop machines every morning at o'dark-thirty? Weirdo.

Did Cheryl cut her hair? You both look fab, although your visor is seriously encroaching on preppy tennis player territory. And I'm glad to see you got the boob-growth removed. ;-)

Can't wait for FRIDAY!!

C said...

I just heard a reference to Barstow (being in the middle of no where or something) and now I understand the reference. I had never heard of it before. Doesn't sound like I've missed much...although, if it has a Starbucks, it can't be all bad, right?

PS: Your husband's comment about you & Katy cracked me up...oh, wait. I'm not supposed to encourage you...

kel said...

Barstow. Haha. I passed through yesterday, and got out as quickly as possible. It's hot there! Then again, you probably thought it was cold, coming from Vegas and all. Sure, put me on your blogroll. I'll try to entertain as much as possible.

Shelly... said...

Katy--yes, Cheryl did cut her hair. It's very cute. Friday it is!

Christine--my husband, the comedian, Katy and I LOVE to give him massive crap. He can dish it out but not take it so well! :)

Kelli-No, Barstow was baking! And you always do entertain. Thanks.