Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sancho & Dakota

While my sister and her family move from Washington to California, we have been taking care of their two dogs. It's crazy having five dogs in the house, even though said dogs probably don't weigh 50 pounds total soaking wet. It's four boys and one girl and I still think our Chi, Lola is the queen boss over all of them. I would say Sancho, the other Chi, is a close second. He is a bad ass dog and does NOT back down to any of them. That makes for some interesting dynamics around the house. All the dogs are jealous of each other and they all follow me around the house constantly vying for my attention. I have been trying to dole out the love equally!

Here is Dakota, the Miniature Pincher. Not alpha at all. His goal in life is to eat as much as possible. My goal is to give him back to my sister without him gaining any weight!
Sancho, the Chihuahua. I love his ears. They didn't seem to quite develop properly.
Another side shot of Dakota.
Sancho loves all the toys and played fetch for about an hour with this bone.
Three-way fun. I finally had to put that obnoxious squeaky toy AWAY. Between all the dogs barking and that toy squeaking I was going even more crazy than I am. BTW, Jake or Rikki if you are reading this, yes that is Chase's toy that was left here at Easter and my dogs LOVE it!


STQ said...

I love the pictures of the kids! I"ll bet that squeaky toy drove you nuts. I'm up waaaay too late, so it's off to bed now. Have a great day!!

Brittany said...

HAHAHA! Little dogs are the best! I am with you and being afraid the MinPin will gain weight, I have seen some that look like little sausages!

Jeanne said...

I laughed my assss off seeing that 3 way. You gonna miss them?
See you next week.

love, Jeanne

kel said...

I would go CRAZY with all those dogs! You must be a saint. Or deaf.

Shelly... said...

Kelli, I prefer to think I'm a saint! ;)
Seriously though five dogs long-term would be enough to make us go crazy, sometimes I wonder about our sanity with just three dogs! Drives my husband crazy more than me though.

C said...

OMG--you are brave! That's funny--they're cute! Plus, the great thing is that they're all so small that if one of 'em gets out of line, you can just tuck him in your pocket! :)

C said...

I'm back--I gave you (and Katy) an award today. :)