Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thunder From Down Under

Our friend, Crystal turned 21 and what better place to go than to a male revue? So, living in Vegas she had a few choices and she picked Thunder From Down Under.

There was about about 12 of us wild and crazy girls that met up pre-function at the bar. My aunt Jeanne is in town for a couple of weeks, so I drug her along as well (it didn't take much convincing). One word for the show "HAWT". Okay, so the choreography was fairly cheesy at times but who cares about that. Those guys are gorgeous and they know how to move. Next time I go (and yes, there will be a next time) I want to sit the front row. (Okay by you Katy?)

I wish that they would have allowed cameras in there because that would have made my post oh so much better but you will have to settle for a few pictures of us girls tarted up and also proof that I actually did go and it was an 11:00 pm show (way past my usual bedtime)!

Rainy, Crystal, Shelly
Vicky & Danielle


C said...

Too funny! You are way cooler than me b/c I don't have any 21 y/o friends! Glad you had a fun girls night!

Katy said...


Front Row CENTER so we can put money in their g-strings!!!

Shelly... said...

C, no I'm really not the cool person with the 21 year old friends. I probably have more in common with her mom (who was there by the way)!

Katy, Sad to say it's not the "put money in g-string" kind of place. But maybe we can make it that way when WE go. There was some ass slapping going on when they ran through the audience! :)

Anonymous said...

You are far braver than me! I don't think I could go!!

And yes, add me to your blog roll and when I get a minute I will update mine.