Saturday, December 6, 2008

Catching up.

Aunt Jeanne and cousins Aaron and Mat came to Vegas for the weekend along with a couple other friends. We met up with the family at the Yard House in Town Square. I hadn't seen Aaron in several years and it had been quite a few months since I last saw Mat and Jeanne, so it was fun catching up with everyone.
Alan and Jeanne
Aaron and Mat
Aaron, Jeanne, Mat

We had a couple of cameras pointed at us so wasn't sure where to look. I think I look cross-eyed in this picture.
Don't know what these were--some sort of fish mobile thingie, but they were pretty cool.
More mobile thingies


Katy said...

Lookin' good lady!

And I don't care what Grandmother says, I like Dad's goatee!

Your cousin's are pretty ok looking too even if Aaron does need a haircut. ;-)

C said...

It seems like you get TONS of visitors--I'm jealous! Of course, I guess there is a little more attraction to coming to Vegas than OHIO (ya think?)


iVegasFamily said...

We love the Yard House!!! It's the perfect place to bring visiting family and friends.

Jeanne said...

That picture of me and Al makes me look like a linebacker. Nice( ) It was great fun to have lunch with you and the kids said that they really enjoyed it. All the way back to the hotel went like, "Remember that time at grannies when you and.....
I will pass Katy's comment on to Aaron about his hair. Hey, even tho I was one of those hippy kids I agree that he needs a haircut.

Geri said...

Yeah, those mobile thingies are neat. I like the goatee too. My husband has one.