Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow? In Vegas???

Yep, it snowed and it stuck.  I was shocked I tell you--I really didn't think it would. We have lived here two years now and while it snowed once (tinylittlebit barely stuck), this is considered MAJOR snow accumulation in this neck of the woods.  Here is a picture of me and Tracy's car.  I realize this isn't much compared to some other parts of the country but for the desert?  Hell, yeah!
The view at my office complex.
Another view from the office.  Poor sad palm trees.  It's just not right.
Cuz, I can't drive worth crapola in the snow I got my car stuck in our driveway.  When Alan came home he was able to back it up into the garage.  Another sad thing was the windshield cracked all the way across.  I have had a ding in it for several years with no problem.  I guess the combo of me CRANKING the heat and the frigid temps outside was too much for the windshield to handle.  What a pain, I just got my windows tinted and now I will have to have them redo the strip across the windshield.  I know waa waa waa.
The view looking down our street.
The front of the house.
Our poor little spa.  I actually thought about heating it up and then remembered we had a major windstorm on Monday and there is a buttload of leaves and various debris in the bottom of it.  What?  No, I'm not cleaning it--to freakin' cold out.
BBQ'ing anyone? I am making steaks for dinner tonight but don't think we will be using this!
Well, my friend, Tracy and I had to go to Costco today because we are (hopefully) having a work party luncheon tomorrow. I spotted Maker's Mark which Costco carries only once a year, and I actually like it, so I was a good wife and brought some home to Alan (the tequila is always a necessity--we live in the desert--margaritas duh).  Must stay warm...


Katy said...

I wish I could have one of your fabulous margaritas tonight!

Palm trees look super bizarro covered with snow!

Jeanne said...

pffft you call that snow

Interesting on the trees and pool and bbq

ms. changes pants while driving said...

hahahaha!! the snow on the palm trees made me giggle. i could hear them now...mmaaaaa.... we're full of snow and we're cold.

'cause that's what palm trees say when they're cold.

the icy spa made me giggle, too. the ice on the handrail was a good touch.

STQ said...

No snow here in Northwest Vegas (is that right? I don't want to broadcast that I live in the 'hood out of ignorance again)...gorgeous pictures down in Henderson!! And did you know that Clark County declared tomorrow a SNOW DAY? So Chase is off of school and my job is cancelled! WAHOO!! Cracks me up - snow day.

STQ said...
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Larry Diesbach Jr said...

All I want to know is where is all this global warming al gore??? Sure as hell looks like global cooling?!?!?!

Auto Glass Repair said...

Makers Mark mmmmm good stuff!!! Hey give us a shout on your windshield replacement ;)

C said...

That does not look right! It's funny though--you should take one of those pictures & mass produce it. That would be some funny set of Christmas cards!

iVegasFamily said...

Great photos. It was a remarkable day for sure.

kel said...

I think that's the first time I've ever seen palm trees with snow on them. Weird!