Monday, March 10, 2008

Sister Time

One of the main reasons I went to Seattle was to see my sister, Cheryl. As many of you know, our mother put her up for adoption before I was born. I knew I had a sister "out there", but didn't have any clue on how to contact her since my mom had died when I was young and the rest of the family wasn't sure how to find her. Lucky for us all, Cheryl found us instead last May. I met her for the first time in June and we have had a bond since. However, we had never had any alone time so it was a great excuse to go visit her. I spent time with her and her family, but one of the days we took a drive out to Vashon Island. We visited our mom and grandma's grave and just had fun hanging out together. I have attached a few pictures from our visit.

Cheryl at Mom's gravesite

A view of Mount Rainer

Burton Bay

Ferry Dock

Sancho the Chihuahua & Dakota the Min Pin


chenanagan said...

Okay I look like crap or a dork... or both! Vashon has pretty views. Those dogs are so damn cute though!