Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So, Alan and I headed to Seattle for my brother's wedding. We had a short trip and didn't have time to see a lot of friends, but did make the most of the time we had. We just got back into Vegas tonight and even though I have had my Blackberry with me the whole trip I do feel a bit out of touch! Not that it killed me to stay off the computer for a few days but I just feel so behind with all my blogs, email, and Facebook. :)

I am going to do several posts over the next day or so of our trip. I will bore you with all the details and start with the beginning. We got off of the plane Thursday night around 9:30. We decided to stay at a hotel near the airport and lucky for us we picked the Ramada Inn. What a dump. We were on the second floor but the building was literally about 5 feet from Pacific Highway (Highway 99 or now known as International Boulevard). All I know is that it's the ghetto and it's near where I grew up. Nuff said about that! The next day before we met my friend for lunch we took a little drive. I do miss the water and yes, that is blue sky you are seeing. Didn't see a lot of it this trip but it was there when we needed it! This is a view of Lake Washington with Bellevue in the background.
Alan and I met my best friend, Danielle for lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant, Tai Ho! Not only did I see Danielle (and I would say catch up, but we talk to each other several times a week), but I also got to eat their incredible Kung Pao Chicken. I have to say this pictures isn't the best of us as we are squinting into the sun, but hey at least there was sun!


kel said...

Ahhh...I do love Seattle. Almost convinced myself to move there until I realized I couldn't ever have a tan. Which is why I stay in SoCal.

C said...

I've never been to Seattle, but hopefully I'll get there one day...Chinese food is MY FAVORITE! Unofortunately there aren't any good places here in Ohio.