Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Granddaughter comes to town

Oh my holy hell have I been busy!! I started my new job two weeks ago and while I really like it I am going non-stop from the moment I get there until I go home. Which leaves me very little time for blogging, reading friend's blogs, Facebook, and email. I get home and I'm exhausted and after spending eight hours a day on the computer I don't always feel like getting back on it. Well, tonight is a different story. My lovely, lovely stepdaughter is coming to visit this weekend and I have her permission to NOT clean my house, but was told I better update my blog since her daughter (my granddaughter) came for a visit this past weekend! So, with margarita in hand here we go...

We picked Granddaughter up at the airport on Friday night about 8:00. Miracle of all miracles the plane was on time. On the way back home we went to the new BJ's restaurant (and NO it does not stand for Blow Jobs you perverts) that opened in Henderson. This place makes the best pizza (more than just a pizza place though). When we first moved here we would go to the BJ's in Summerlin. That's about 25 miles from our house. So needless to say, we were happy to have this location open up. Alan and I had worked a full day and were tired so we made it home about 9:30 and went to bed shortly after. I think Granddaughter never went to bed this whole trip before 3:00 am. She is quite a night owl. Saturday we got a late start (I think we finally drug the kid out of bed around noon) we headed down to the UNLV campus. Granddaughter is 14 (well 14 going on 25) and it's not to soon to be thinking about colleges. While it would be nice to have her go to school here I'm not so sure about the college and also the surrounding neighborhood is pretty ghetto (the show Cops?? Well, that is filmed around that area and north of town). Headed over to the strip after that. Many of you know Alan and I aren't huge fans of the "strip" but we did have fun walking around with Granddaughter plus we were promised a dinner at Margaritaville so that kept us going. Granddaughter wore really cute thongs, but soon found out you shouldn't wear new shoes for the first time when you want to do a lot of walking (thank god Grandpa had the bandaids in his wallet for the blisters). Here are some pics that we took.

Granddaughter and Shelly...too cool for words.
The new City Center is behind us
Posing in front of the Paris Hotel (remember the Paris Christy?)
A nice lady took our picture after we took a picture of them
We made a quick trip over to France to check out the Eiffel Tower
Granddaughter and Shelly waiting for our table at Margaritaville
I love posing teenagers
Grandpa also known as Alan
Granddaughter taking a picture of herself. I love how self-absorbed teenagers are--sorta reminds me of me! :)
Sunday after another late start (see a pattern here?) we met up with my FUN friend Grant. We headed over to Town Square for a little retail therapy then had lunch at Claim Jumpers. Grant suggested we get an adult beverage. He is such a bad influence especially offering one to Granddaughter (we kid, we kid). Next on the agenda was the movie "I Love You Man". It was a good movie to see at matinee price but not sure I would want to pay full price, however, I did acquire a new guy to add to my "Laminated List" and his name is Andy Samberg. Monday, Alan came home at noon and got Granddaughter out of bed so she could enjoy some of the sunshine she was missing. After he came home from work that day he was the good Grandpa and took her to Dairy Queen and down to Fremont Street so she could see the light show. Tuesday morning I took her to the airport and she safely made it back to Seattle. Now we are looking forward to visiting with her Mom, Dad, and Uncle this weekend! More posts to follow....


Katy said...

The kid is right, she looks WAY more like she's your daughter than mine! She even wants to move to Vegas...hint hint!

Katy said...

And BTW, you are OUT OF THE FAMILY for having Adam Samburg on your laminated list you freaking WEIRDO!!!

ms. changes pants while driving said...

katy's lovely? i wouldn't call her lovely. mouthy. funny. cute. sassy.


laila's so cute!! she's lovely. just like her room.

i love claim jumpers.

i miss you!!

Jason, as himself said...

Vegas always looks so fun.

And I love BJ's. Both the restaurant and the act.

And you didn't even mention the Pizookie!

Shelly... said...

Katy you are the freak for not liking Andy Samberg!! He's HAWT! The kid would be in for a rude awakening if she moved here because she would have to get up early or Grandpa would toss her out of bed and we would never take her to the strip! :)

Yo, the word lovely is to be taken with a grain of salt!

Jason, Hi! you came back! Anyway, the pizookie is awesome but I rarely have one cuz I'm stuffed on their pizza.

Jeanne said...

Those were great pictures and the editorial was awesome. It is never too early to look at schools, although I'm sure there are nice ones closer to home. Kidding

Christy said...

I'm laughing my ass off at Jason's comment (above me) about loving BJ's. Totally funny...Laila is gorgeous, but I think she should go to a nice college on the EAST COAST! Hello? It's the home of academia over here...and I'm NOT just saying that because I know that if she comes to school in New England it'll be better for me because you all will have to come & visit her here. I would never be that selfish! Seriously, Laila--think U-Mass; Boston U; Harvard; Dartmouth; MIT; Amherst College; should I go on??? :)