Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blind Boy

I love this dog, I really do (and I love how "dum" he looks in this picture), but he seriously tests the limits of my patience. As many of you know he is going blind, I mean it's fairly obvious since he only has one eye but Tug is starting to lose vision in the remaining eye--a combination of prior surgery with scar tissue buildup and a cataract. We have made several adjustments in the household to accomodate him which hasn't been a problem, but all of a sudden the last few nights Tug has decided he can't see to go outside. Every morning between about 3-5 am he starts whining and since he sleeps in a chair right next to my side of the bed I'm the one who wakes up first. I have to pick him up and carry him to the doggy door and from there he can see to do his business. When he is done he comes back in and I have to carry him back to the chair. Now, I don't think his vision has suddenly gotten worse, I just think he is playing me for the sucker I am when it comes to that dog and boy am I tired this week.


Christy said...

He's cute...even if he does stink!

PS-you gotta change my blog on your sidebar--dude my old blog was so last week. Lol

ms. changes pants while driving said...

stinky fart dog!!!

oh, and you can change my address, too. since everyone's doing it these days. :D

iVegasFamily said...

Poor dog. And poor you.