Friday, May 22, 2009

Mellow Friday Night

I was trying to post a couple of pictures that I took tonight, but blogspot is being touchy like it has been lately. Although, honestly the pictures weren't the best quality so I'm probably sparing you all. I had a busy, hard week at work, and my partner was on vacation so I was trying to do my job and his. I'm exhausted, so I was surprised I lasted as long as I did tonight. We headed over to Town Square and went out to dinner at Brio. It wasn't bad, but if I'm going to spend that type of money on dinner I would rather go to Ventano's in Henderson. After dinner we walked around and checked out stores. I went in to the Apple store and drooled over the iPhones for a bit. They are coming out with new software sometime this summer that will make the iPhone a little more user friendly. Can't wait. On the way home Erin and I stopped at Nielson's Frozen Custard. That place is evil, pure evil. Can't resist! Now we are home and I can barely keep my eyes open. Have big plans tomorrow. The strip and then Chuck's house for the UFC fight!


Yo said...

you're such a rock star. you should move to san diego!!!

Yo said...

oh! have you tried microsoft live writer? i suggest it when you have lots of pictures to load. when i tried editing mel's pictures of her men on her island, blogger was aaaaaawfullllllll. ohmygod. someone should fix that. why does the picture upload to the TOP of the post? and why can't you drag it without pulling out your toenails?

it's a download. pretty easy to install and start using. great for pictures adn video.

Katy said...

The perpetual party animal is going to corrupt your baby sister! ;-) Is motorcycle boy gonna be there too? Tell them all I said hi!