Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pool Time!

It's that time of the year where we can start enjoying our pool again. Today the water finally got up to 80 and the outside temp was about 100. We didn't spend a long time outdoors today but still managed to get burned, and I'm feeling it right now. It's nice getting back into a weekly routine where we clean off the deck and just enjoy a little time outdoors. I have my eye on a couple of patio chairs at Costco that I want to get soon. We don't need anymore repeats of the cheap chair fiasco like last summer where Alan almost broke his chin because the thing folded like wet cardboard!
It will be weird this year not having Willy around. He and Tug really liked hanging out together although they weren't that crazy about "swimming" in the pool, and Lola just likes to stay indoors. Any of you that know Tug realize how obsessive he is. Well, he wanted Mr. Ducky in the following pictures, and he was trying his hardest to get him without actually falling in. The duck is like a bobble toy and will tease Tug by just staying out of his reach. Tug doesn't give up though. Not that crazy dog. He also managed to stay on the top step this time and not fall in either. I didn't make Tug swim in the pool yet because 80 degree water isn't as warm as it sounds! There will be plenty of opportunities for swimming in the next 4 months!


ms. changes pants while driving said...


get it... GET IT!!

hahahaa... oh, farty dog :D

Christy said...

"80 degrees isn't as warm as it sounds"??!! Can we back that up a does 60 degree water sound? That's almost swimming temperature around here! Oh, you silly, warm climate people! Lol

Enjoy the pool, baby! :)

Katy said...


*ahem* Sorry, I'm having a little weather-related temper tantrum today.

That dog cracks my shit up! I'm gonna buy him a devil-rubber ducky, much more appropriate of a toy for him.