Saturday, September 12, 2009

Better late than never...

I haven't posted in over a month--haven't been that motivated although there has been a lot going on! The girls and I all got together in San Diego. Melissa and Yolanda live there and were gracious enough to host all of us for an awesome weekend. The pictures below are in random order and I can say with 100% certainty that the weekend was a success! Can't wait to see them all again!

Melissa, Yolanda, & Katy
Yolanda, Shelly & Melissa
Since San Diego is a Navy town needed to take a picture of a big ship!
View of downtown San Diego from our hotel.
Katy being disrespectful to her stepmother.
Yolanda, Christy & Melissa trying to decide what to eat.
Yolanda, Christy & Melissa waiting for some adult beverages.
The view from our hotel room.
Pretty flowers at Mel & Yo's place.
The pool where we had fun drinking adult beverages and whoring it up!
Yes, I got a tattoo. Melissa's friend, Kurt's a tatt guy and he did an awesome job. I love my tattoo!
Woof woof!


Katy said...

Tattoo whore!!!

Great pics, I can't WAIT to do it again!

Hee hee, my verification word is godpled. What did he plead for? Heh.

Christy said...

You got some great pics! It was so much fun--I can't wait to do it again too! :-) I tried to post about this & couldn't figure out how to get my pics onto my blog! Urgh...I know I've done it before! I guess that's what happens when you only blog once a month or so; you forget how it works.

Miss you all!