Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lake Mead!

Alan and I have lived in Las Vegas almost three years and we had never gone out on Lake Mead. Our friend, Kurt was nice enough to take us out on his boat.
Hoover Dam
Kurt & Shelly
Pretty sad how low the water level has gone down the last several years.
Sammy loves his boat rides!
Here is a picture of Sammy with a HUGE rock in his mouth. He paced up and down the beach with that rock for about 10 minutes.
It was a fun day but not a very successful ending. I thought I was being good and drinking enough water (even stayed away from the beer), but I ended up getting really dehydrated and had to go to the emergency room for a couple of IV bags. Alan said it was the most expensive bottle service of the night. Thinking about it later I think the reason I got sick and the boys didn't was because they kept jumping into the lake and swimming. I only did it a couple of times. It was to hard to haul my lard ass into the boat!  :~)  Lesson learned...


Katy said...

Oh no! Glad it all worked out. Water water water!