Sunday, September 27, 2009


When I get the chance to meet my blogger friends in "real" life, I jump on it. Alan wanted to go to the Reno Air Races and meet up with his friend, Don from Alaska. I thought that was the perfect opportunity to meet Martini Molly!
We decided to make a road trip of it (8 hour drive from Vegas) and took Tug and Mack with us. We hit the road Friday morning for a long 4 day weekend.
Alan and I met up with Molly on Saturday and took a drive to North Lake Tahoe. What an awesome place!
Martini Molly & Shelly

Alan "King of the Rocks"

Later that day when we headed back to Molly's house she made us her famous martinis! Chai-tini and Godiva white chocolate martini were on the menu. Oh so good! It was a great weekend get-away hanging out with friends and I can't wait to see Molly and her son, Ned again!!


M said...

I had such a fun time - except for when the scuba diver died right after those pictures were taken!

I haven't had a martini all week because I am doing South Beach and I am really missing them!

Thanks for visiting, Ned and I will definitely come down and see you next time!

Katy said...

Mmmm, martinis...

She can be martini whore! ;)

Christy said...

Oh, so fun! I'm jealous! The pictures are awesome--that water is gorgeous!