Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pahrump Fall Festival

The Pahrump Fall Festival was...interesting to say the least. The phrase "rode hard and put away wet" kept coming to mind when I was people watching...
Did you know prostitution is legal in Pahrump? Oh, also smoking anywhere outside and drinking. I have never been to a carnival with so much cigarette smoke. My two choices for alcohol were Bud and Bud light so needless to say it was a alcohol free evening. My friend, Nannette was a working at a booth promoting dog food so we went to hang out with her and baby Henry. I'm glad I went to experience the "culture" on the other side of the mountains.
PS. I fit right in with my tattoo.


Christy said...

That looks just like a rural NH fair...glad your tattoo fit in! Lol

Katy said...

How weird was it to be at a "fall festival" in 90 degree heat or however hot it was? It's very strange to see a picture with pumpkins but you're wearing a tank top!

Go tattoo whore!

Jason, as himself said...

Hey. Bud Light is my favorite beer and I am a very distinguished man. :)

I have had some great times in Pahrump! I completely understand what you're saying.

There is, however, one little pocket of Pahrump that is beautiful and clean. Mountain Falls.